About Us

Welcome!  We are a vibrant, open and inclusive United Church faith community in south west Edmonton, Alberta and we welcome you no matter what. We worship at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and offer children and youth programming.  We voted in November, 2018 to become an official Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Canada and celebrated this new designation in March 2019.

This week at Riverbend United

This Sunday, we welcome Rev. Hugh MacGregor to share with us and lead worship with Joanne Olson. Hugh and Valerie served together as Co-Ministers at Grace UC years ago.  Hugh says this about his focus for Sunday:

“We are dipping into the Hebrew Scriptures for our story this Sunday. God has asked Samuel, the prophet, to pick a new king. God has sent him to Bethlehem to talk to Jesse who has 8 sons. One of them will be king, but God doesn’t tell Samuel which one. Instead, Samuel has to put the boys through a line-up. Who will be chosen? The eldest? The smartest? The strongest? Or “The Runt of the Litter?”

This story is for everyone who was ever picked last on the ball team at school. It’s for everyone who is a younger brother or sister. It’s for everyone who has ever been marginalized, disempowered, disestablished, disenfranchised. For everyone who has ever been made to feel that they are not good enough.”

Join us Sunday at 10:30 and have a great weekend!

Valerie, Riverbend United Church