Official Board


Members of the community are vital to the life and well-being of the church, and many of the community members that provide their services for the church are listed here:

  • Marvin Severson, Chair
  • Matthew Schoenhardt, Lease Manager & former Chair
  • Chair Elect, VACANT
  • Sheila Luther, Recording Secretary
  • Ray Hawrelak, Treasurer
  • Ian Meier, Finance Committee
  • Don Trenn, Property & Maintenance
  • Heather Dettman, Ministry & Personnel
  • Carolyn Miller,  Affirming Coordinator
  • Judi Cook, Outreach
  • Christine Ens, Spiritual Formation
  • Jill Spaner, Northern Spirit Representative

Official Board messages:

We follow the United Church of Canada Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Prevention and Response Procedures which can be found at:

All employees and volunteers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this policy.