Christmas Outreach 2018

Project #1

This year, the Outreach Committee will be taking 20 large gift bags to ladies living in permanent inner-city housing.  The houses are Our Place (1) and Inner City Way (10) group homes. Would you or your group like to fill up one or more of the bags?  Financial contributions for both projects are appreciated!

Each bag must have…

  1. Mitts, gloves, hat or scarf
  2. Socks
  3. $20 gift card to Tim Horton’s, Superstore, Walmart or Dollarama
  4. Christmas chocolate or candy

Other ideas for filler…

  1. Writing paper, pens
  2. Christmas decoration, ornament, angel, etc.
  3. Home-made cookies, brownies, fudge, etc.
  4. Christmas cards to give
  5. Healthy or other treats (nuts, trail mix, etc.)
  6. Playing cards, games, puzzles, etc.
  7. Pretty cosmetic bag
  8. Hot chocolate package, special tea or coffee
  9. Calendar
  10. Hair, bath, dental, or body products. Full-size will fit in the bags.

If you or your group are able to “build” one or more gift bags, please contact Judi Cook at 780.435.0838 or Please have bags at the church no later than Sunday, December 16th.  We will be delivering the gift bags on Friday, December 20th and sharing a meal with the women.  There is space for two more people to join us.  Contact Judi, Erin James or Joan Robinson if you would like to come.

Project #2

Please ALSO consider bringing the following NEW items and placing them in the designated box in the narthex by Sunday, December 16th. We will deliver them to the two group homes, Bissell Centre and the Inner City Pastoral Ministry.

  1. Any of the above items
  2. Towels
  3. Single bedding
  4. Travel mug
  5. Underwear and/or socks for men
  6. Single bedding
  7. Children’s toys, books or clothing
  8. Bus tickets
  9. Hand warmers
  10. Women’s underwear
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