Affirmation Action Plan

Church Governance

– establish a permanent Board Committee (Affirming Committee)

– establish a line in the ongoing RUC budget for Affirming activities

– design a “tab” on the existing RUC website titled Affirming Activities

LGBTQ Issues

-install a rainbow decal on the church sign

– arrange for a permanent Sanctuary Banner with the rainbow symbol 

-Spiritual Formation Committee to include a member of the Affirming Committee in order to keep Affirming issues at the forefront of Worship,  Children’s Ministry and Adult Education programming.

– arrange a workshop with Pride Centre around appropriate use of language.

– continued attendance at meetings with a collective of Edmonton Churches exploring the possibility of sponsoring “Rainbow Refugees”

Physical Disability Issues

-continue to endorse the purchase and installation of the TLoop Hearing in the Sanctuary

– install a Hearing Aid symbol decal on the church sign to indicate the installation of the T-Loop Hearing system

– continue to investigate and endorse a lift system for the choir loft

– investigate and endorse removal of 1/2 a Pew for wheelchair parking in the Sanctuary

Mental Health Issues

– continued support of Community Groups/Rentals utilizing Church spaces (i.e.) E2 Academy, Tourette’s Support Group

– consider this year’s RUC Movie Series around Issues of Mental Health

Indigenous Issues

– arrange for the congregation to participate in The Blanket Exercise.

– consider a permanent land acknowledgment to be displayed somewhere visible in or around the church

Social Justice Issues

-continued support of the RUC Refugee Committee

– continued involvement with the Brander Gardens Rocks group (a grass roots organization providing programming and education opportunities for a neighbourhood subsidized housing community)