Official Board

The Official Board is responsible for the continued operation of the church. Members of the community are vital to the life and well-being of the church, and many of the community members that provide their services for the church are listed here:

        • Joan Robinson, Chair
        • Past Chair, Marv Severson
        • Sheila Luther, Recording Secretary
        • Ray Hawrelak, Treasurer
        • Ian Meier, Finance Committee
        • Don Trenn, Property & Maintenance
        • Heather Dettman, Ministry & Personnel
        • Carolyn Miller,  Affirming Committee
        • Dawn Power, Affirming Committee
        • Judi Cook, Outreach
        • Christine Ens, Spiritual Formation
        • Jill Spaner, Northern Spirit Representative


        • Finance Committee
        • Spiritual Formation
        • Ministry and Personnel
        • Outreach
        • Property and Maintenance
        • Care Team
        • Women of RUC
        • Region Council Reps
        • Affirm Team
        • Lease Manager

Official Board messages:

Check back here, from time to time, for messages from the Board.

We follow the United Church of Canada Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Prevention and Response Procedures which can be found at:

All employees and volunteers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this policy.

Join Us For Sunday Worship

We welcome you at the church or watch our live stream channel

Join Us For Sunday Worship

We welcome you in person at church at 10:30 a.m. or you can watch the service on our You Tube channel.

Youth and children are welcome on Sundays, and a baby room with care is available.